Secondary market

For private growth companies

Secondary market

We have designed a pop up secondary market specifically for private growth companies. This secondary market is designed for any private company, not just those who have raised funds through Snowball Effect.

You release a “trading report” which is immediately followed by a maximum 4 week trading period. These trading periods can be facilitated one or more times per year for each company.

Short trading windows help to concentrate buyers and sellers into the market at a point in time to maximize liquidity. And it means far less hassle for you as there is no continuous disclosure.

Based on feedback from Snowball investors, if you make a commitment to use our secondary market in your offer, the offer will have a better chance of success.

Please contact Simeon Burnett on [email protected] to learn more.

Note: The secondary market is not a part of Snowball Effect’s licensed crowdfunding service.