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We have streamlined online direct investment
Here’s how we have been changing the investment landscape in New Zealand since launching in 2014.
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We’ve changed the way that Kiwis discover and invest in private growth companies. Through a range of capital raising options, we improve access to finance for high-growth companies, and provide a straightforward process for the public investors like you to invest in these companies.
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Company growth phases

Snowball Effect works with companies throughout the growth cycle. Investors on Snowball Effect often choose to invest in companies at different growth stages to fit their investment preferences or help balance out the risk profile of their portfolio.

  • Startup stage

    We facilitate both private and public offers for young companies that have already commenced revenue generating activity and have successfully demonstrated traction in the market. These are the sorts of offers that angel investors and venture capital funds invest in. Learn more about the benefits of raising capital online for an early-stage company.

  • Growth stage

    Private and public offers are used by medium-stage growth companies to fund growth initiatives such as production expansion, exporting, and marketing. There are the sorts of offers that private equity firms and family offices invest into. Learn more about capital raising options for growing companies.

  • Established companies

    We facilitate secondary offerings such as rights issues for more mature companies and can assist with IPO distribution. These offers allow Snowball Effect investors to gain easy access to offers that might otherwise only be available to institutional investors. Learn more about capital raising for listed companies.

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Investing and capital raising in New Zealand

🦄 Private Equity

Private equity is a type of investment into unlisted securities in private companies (companies that are not listed on a stock exchange like the NZX). Private equity investors in New Zealand include a range of funds, institutions, high net worth individuals and other wholesale investors. Larger private equity investors often focus on providing strategic value to growth companies through customer introductions, mergers, acquisitions, listings, and partnerships. Snowball Effect operates a private equity marketplace that allows investors to discover and invest in high growth companies.

🎢 Venture Capital

Venture capital is a form of direct investment into a company specifically intended to help the company grow. VC is generally associated with investment in young growth companies that carry higher risks, but also higher potential reward for investors. Venture capital is an important source of funding for companies in New Zealand that need money to grow faster. A venture capital firm is usually investing on behalf of other investors such as financial institutions, insurance firms, and mutual funds. Snowball Effect facilitates capital raising for venture capital funds and provides opportunities for individuals to invest alongside VC investors into fast growing companies.

💸 Angel Investing

Angel investors provide an important source of startup investment and seed capital for entrepreneurs. Angels are generally high net worth individuals investing as an individual or as a group, sometimes through an angel network. The best angel investors in New Zealand include experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs who can provide networks, introductions, and advice. Snowball Effect has a wide network of angel investors who want quality dealflow and quality offer information from promising startups.

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a process which enables a company to raise funds by offering shares to the public. For companies, it provides access to a wide investor audience and it’s a quick and efficient way to raise funds. For investors, it’s a simple channel to discover and invest in private companies. Snowball Effect is New Zealand’s leading equity crowdfunding platform. Other platforms licensed by the FMA to operate in New Zealand include PledgeMe and Equitise. Equity crowdfunding lets companies turn their most loyal customers, fans, and community into investors.

🏦 Investment Banking

Growth companies need a carefully considered capital structure which may include debt and equity in the form of ordinary shares, preference shares, convertible notes, mezzanine debt, bank debt, and employee share schemes. Companies may need investment banking help with the preparation of an information memorandum, financial forecasts, business plan, and offer structuring. Our advisory team includes experienced financial professionals who assist with capital structuring, deal documentation, and introductions to investors.

📈 Initial Public Offerings

An IPO is the first time that a company’s shares are offered to the public for investment. People also use the term to describe the process by which a company’s shares are first listed on a stock exchange such as the NZX or ASX. Snowball Effect works as a distribution broker to make IPOs available to retail investors who may not have traditional brokerage accounts. Our sign-up process, anti-money laundering checks, and investment process are optimised to make it fast and easy for retail investors to invest into an IPO.

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