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Raising funds through Snowball Effect

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Snowball Effect is on a mission to make capital raising simpler and more efficient.

Our offering includes public offers, private offers, wholesale investor offers, and bespoke capital raising assistance.

We’ve also developed an offering to assist with IPOs and capital raising by listed companies. We can assist with:

  • Distribution of an IPO.
  • Distribution of an external secondary capital raising by a listed company.
  • Cost-effective administration of a rights issue or share purchase plan by a listed company.

These options are explained in more detail below.

Our marketplace has been designed to increase conversion of investor interest, and make the process more efficient for the company, investors, and advisors.

We take care of the following administrative functions where required:

  • Investor onboarding and compliance with anti-money laundering obligations.
  • Electronic signing of legal documents by investors.
  • Collection of payments.
  • Validation of wholesale investor status.

IPOs and secondary capital raisings

We can provide distribution to over 10,000 investors in our audience. Over 750 of these investors are “wholesale investors”.

We notify our investor audience of new offers by email, and we work in with other brokers where relevant.

The key advantages of our involvement are:

  1. Distribution:

    Access to a large and engaged investor pool.
  2. Liquidity:

    Place a large number of smaller holdings to increase spread and liquidity.
  3. Marketing:

    Broad exposure for the company.
  4. Simplicity:

    Provide a very simple and low-friction way for Kiwis to invest.
  5. Personal network:

    Provide a simple way for staff, customers, suppliers, and your personal 
network to invest.

Companies are also attracted by the ability to succinctly tell their story to a large audience. This can be done through video as well as written content, and the online offer page allows companies to strip away compliance noise, and get to the point of who they are, and where they’re heading.

Rights issues and share purchase plans

We can administer rights issues and share purchase plans at low cost.

The rights issue or share purchase plan is hosted on a private webpage, and the URL is sent to shareholders ahead of the rights issue period.

This is a very simple and efficient channel to facilitate the rights issue for a large number of shareholders. Our online investment process leads to better conversion of investor interest. Costs are reduced because our administration such as payment collection and electronic signing of legal documents is highly efficient.

If your rights issue or share purchase plan results in a shortfall of funds required, you can consider opening the offer page to Snowball Effect’s investor audience to participate.

Final words

We have a track record of raising capital for a wide variety of companies, and we pride ourselves on our high success rate to date. We look to work with standout companies because we want Snowball Effect to be known for quality deal flow.

We look forward to exploring the options to help you to raise funds and grow your business. Please contact our team to learn more.

Bill O'Boyle[email protected]

Simeon Burnett[email protected]

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