Capital raising process

Presenting your offer to investors

Making your offer with Snowball Effect

We have architected a low cost and efficient process for both investors and companies. This enables us to provide excellent value for our fee, and ensures a fast and simple capital raising process.

The most critical part of the process is preparing high quality offer content. While this often takes time, high quality information is the best way to attract experienced investors who generally invest larger amounts. It's better to provide potential investors with comprehensive information, as gaps may turn away investors or require answering through the online Q&A facility.

Here’s a high level description of the offer process:

  • Create an account and submit application

    Create your Snowball Effect account and submit your offer application. Alternatively, call us on the numbers below.

  • Prepare your offer

    We provide offer preparation support including helping you with developing the offer content and offer marketing plan. If we think that your business may be suitable for Snowball Effect, we will invite you to create your offer using our templates.

  • Get professional assistance

    We have created standardised packages with our service partners at discounted rates whenever a company requires external assistance in preparing specific aspects its offer.

  • Go live

    When your offer has been reviewed and approved by Snowball Effect’s Screening Committee, you will have the green light to launch your offer.

  • Spread the word

    Boost the exposure of your offer by spreading the word through your networks, customers, PR, and social media.

  • Funding success

    You’ve reached your funding target! (If you don’t reach your funding target, all funds will be returned to investors and we do not charge a success fee).

  • Post raise

    With the money in the bank, it’s time to put that money to work and grow your business. We provide a share registry to keep track of your investors and a shareholder communications service to help you with ongoing companies updates.

We look forward to exploring the options to help you to raise funds and grow your business. Please contact our team to learn more and to receive our Company Guide which explains the process in more detail.

Bill O'Boyle[email protected]

Simeon Burnett[email protected]

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