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Share registry services

Snowball Effect provides an online share register that tracks investments into a company over time. This register includes an investor dashboard that allows individual investors to review their shareholdings. Companies can also log in to manage their share registry. Lawyers, accountants and company directors can also log in as managers to view and update the share registry.

What is a share register?

A company must maintain a share register that records the shares issued by the company and which records an alphabetical list of the shareholders' names with addresses and the number of shares held.

Companies are required by the Companies Act 1993 to maintain certain company records including their own share register. The information held by the Companies Office about each company's shares and shareholding does not replace the requirement for a company to maintain its own register.

You can learn more about the legal requirements for a share registry on the Companies Office share registry guidance page.

For companies

For companies the share register provides an easy way to meet compliance obligations while saving paperwork and presenting a professional image to investors. Management and directors of the company can access the register to export lists for shareholder communications and can update shareholding details online.

For shareholders

For shareholders the share register provides an easy way to monitor investments and update shareholding details. All shareholdings in companies that use the Snowball Effect register are shown under a consolidated portfolio shareholdings page. Documentation can be saved and exported for use in portfolio tracking and tax reporting.

Features of the online share register

The Snowball Effect share register has been designed to be easy to use for companies, shareholders and advisors. The entire system is managed online and stored securely with audit trails for every transaction and transfer.

  • Seamless onboarding

    Import company information from existing share register or the Companies Office.

  • Scalable system

    Manage new share issues, creation of share classes and allocation to new investors.

  • Compliance optimised

    Allocate shares easily to trusts, joint shareholdings and partnerships.

  • Self managed

    Investors can update their address details online.

  • Secondary transfers

    Easy management of transfers between existing shareholders.

  • Investor communications

    Optional services for ongoing investor communications, annual reporting and shareholder updates.

The share registry service was originally designed for companies who raise capital through Snowball Effect. The service is now available to all privately held companies in New Zealand. Many companies do not maintain adequate shareholder records and this creates a long-term compliance burden that does not get better with time. A clean and professional cap-table makes due diligence and future investment faster and easier.

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