Share Registry Service

Outsourced Share Registry management

Snowball Effect now offers a Share Registry Service that help simplify the management and legal obligations your company has with its shareholders.

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Managing your shareholders

Legal requirement

Companies are required by the Companies Act 1993 to maintain certain company records, including their own share register.

Legal obligations, administration tasks, and a big chunk of time are required for companies to remain compliant.

For companies

Our service provides an easy way to passively meet compliance obligations, while maintaining a close relationship with shareholders.

Our online registry platform captures every single movement of ownership in a company while providing functionality and flexibility to manage shareholders.

Our team takes care of the rest. We facilitate all of the time consuming administrative tasks that go along with managing shareholders.

For shareholders

The registry service provides a simple and transparent platform for shareholders.

Shareholders are able to monitor their investments, update shareholding details, download statements of holding, and perform share transfers.

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Features for your company & investors


  • Intuitively view shareholder information
  • Generate snapshots as at specific dates
  • Filter for groups and individuals
  • Track share issues, sales, transfers and more
  • Search buyer and seller transactions
  • View a shareholder’s trade history
  • Export CSVs for easy reporting


  • Secure storage of personal information
  • Dedicated staff to facilitate share transfers
  • Update personal details automatically
  • Generate on-demand Statements of Holding
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Our support team

We handle all of the administrative and technical work that goes along with managing the registry.

Our dedicated team is on hand take care of corporate actions, update the registry when necessary, and handle inbound queries. Investors are free to contact us whenever they want to take care of their shareholdings.

Our team works closely with both companies and shareholders to ensure our platform is delivering value where its needed.

How our Share Registry Service can help your company

If you’re interested to find out more about Snowball Effect’s Share Registry Services, including our pricing plans, please contact Andrew Morris.

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Andrew Morris

Product Lead — Investor Services, Snowball Effect

[email protected]