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Preparing your offer with Snowball Effect

We provide a range of advisory services to help get your company investment ready. Our team will work actively with you throughout the capital raising process. Snowball Effect’s bespoke capital raising assistance includes:

  • Offer document preparation

    We facilitate workshops, interviews and discovery sessions to collect and process the information about your product, market, strategy and financials. We also use your existing business plans and investment materials to write your Information Memorandum. If you already have a complete Information Memorandum, we provide feedback, help you tailor the message for retail or wholesale investors and assist with the layout and design of the Information Memorandum.

  • Testing valuation and investor demand

    We provide advice on deal structuring based on likely investor demand. As an investment marketplace, we do not provide legal advice or financial advice on valuation or deal terms. Instead, we maintain a small panel of third-party financial advisers, corporate finance professionals and experienced investors who provide feedback, benchmarking and advice on the valuation for your offering.

  • Bookbuild and lead investor sourcing

    We can help source lead investors or a syndicate of wholesale investors to anchor your round before launching a private or public offer. As part of preparing for a wholesale or private offer, we will actively identify and reach out to potential cornerstone investors before the offer opens to build a list of interested investors.

  • Independent director sourcing

    Our network of wholesale investors includes many experienced industry professionals and investors. Some companies need to appoint an independent director to their company board to improve their governance structure before raising capital. We can help find and engage an independent director.

  • Investor communications

    We advise CEOs and founders on how to present effectively to potential investors. This includes presentation skills, modifying the content to suit different investor audiences and adjusting the presentation format to suit the target audience. We advise on improving the company’s public appearance before, during and after a capital raising offer. We assist companies with SEO, social media and reputation management so that potential investors who conduct due diligence find positive information. During the offer, we provide intensive marketing support including email outreach, social media and content creation. After an offer, we provide ongoing investor relations support and share registry services to manage your shareholder base.

Some of these services are covered by the normal capital raising fees included in a public or private offering. Additional intensive services are quoted in advance and agreed as a separate advisory engagement.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how our capital raising advisory services can help you raise capital for your business more efficiently.

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