Little Island - 2022 Convertible Note Investment offer preview

Little Island is a leading New Zealand plant-based food manufacturer, producing a range of dairy-free products.

Little Island is a leading New Zealand plant-based food manufacturer, producing a range of dairy-free products. The company's vision is to challenge the traditional dairy market and to become part of the daily family diet by creating delicious products from the best plant-based ingredients.

Little Island’s Board has been investigating a variety of funding options to support its future strategy, and in the short term, requires an injection of new funds to support this year’s plan. Accordingly, the company is offering Wholesale qualified investors an opportunity to invest in a Convertible Loan. The pricing and structure of the loan is designed to be attractive, providing an immediate 25% uplift on the principal invested plus interest accruing on the uplifted investment amount at an annual rate of 12% from the drawdown date until conversion. The Company is seeking to raise $500,000 from this Convertible Loan round, with $250,000 already committed to, or underwritten, by parties associated with the Directors and major shareholders.

The company has also appointed a corporate advisory firm, Three Sixty Capital Partners to seek a strategic investor for the business. The positioning of this offer is that Little Island has a strong brand in an exciting category, but its financial performance is hampered with the low margins it generates in the milk and yoghurt ranges. Accordingly, the ideal partner would be an entity that can support these areas of the business and/or help open additional export opportunities. An Information Memorandum outlining the current position of the business and future strategy has been produced for the purposes of seeking a strategic investor and is available to review as part of the Convertible Loan round.

The Convertible Loan round is only available to wholesale qualified investors with a minimum investment of $25,000. Please register interest by clicking on the following link.

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