Snowball Debt

Snowball Debt offers bespoke debt solutions to support high growth companies

The experienced Snowball Effect team can guide companies through a process to secure the best debt outcome for the business. Our experience has allowed us to raise more than $70m for New Zealand businesses.

Note: Offers of debt products to investors are not being made as part of Snowball Effect's licensed Equity Crowdfunding service.

Our expertise

  • Identifying working capital requirements, debt funding options, and conducting repayment planning
  • Strong relationships with banks and non-bank debt providers
  • Preparation of high-quality information to support funding applications
  • Negotiating structure and terms with debt providers
  • Access to private investors seeking alternative investment opportunities

You can find out more about these options below.

1. Cashflow and Working Capital Management

It is essential for any business that is considering taking on additional debt to prepare accurate financial forecasts based on realistic assumptions and a clear understanding of the business model and strategy.

  • Prepare cash flow forecasts and conduct scenario analysis

    We will spend time with you to understand your business model, market opportunity and strategy so we can assist you to prepare accurate cash flow forecasts that are based on realistic assumptions. We will stress test the forecasts against different scenarios taking into account the economic environment.

  • Determine working capital and funding requirements

    We will use financial forecasts to identify and quantify short, medium and long term working capital requirements.

  • Identify funding options and plan for repayment obligations

    We will explore and identify different debt funding options, including bank and non-bank providers, based on the specific business needs and attributes.

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2. Accessing Bank Debt Funding

The Snowball Debt team can support the business throughout the full process of securing bank funding. This includes applying to banks for the COVID 19 debt funding package. We will work with you to:

  • Assess your capital structure and identify viable funding options
  • Create a high-quality information package to support bank applications
  • Help you to negotiate the structure and key facility terms with banks to ensure the best outcome for your business

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3. Accessing Private Debt Funding

For some businesses, a more flexible private debt funding approach may be better suited or may complement traditional bank funding.

Snowball Effect has experience working on a range of alternative debt and hybrid debt/equity structures to support businesses. These types of structures typically suit growth businesses with healthy recurring revenue, and/or a strong balance sheet.

Our network includes access to private debt funds, over 2,600 wholesale investors and family offices, and a wider investor network of over 50,000. Please enquire below to discuss how a bespoke private debt funding solution may deliver a result best suited to your business.

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