Employee Share Schemes

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Wynn Williams and Bellingham Wallace Accountancy have recently teamed up to prepare a high level information flyer on the basics of employee share schemes. Employee share schemes can be a great way to strengthen remuneration packages to attract talent, to free up cash to fund business development, and to incentivise all parties to drive long term growth in value.

The flyer, which can be viewed by clicking here, sets out three potential employee share scheme structures:

  • Employee share trust
  • Loan to purchase scheme
  • Phantom share scheme

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are a constantly changing area of law so you should consult a professional advisor before creating a scheme for your company. Contact details are below if you would like more information from either Wynn Williams or Bellingham Wallace.

Graham Lawrence
Tax Manager
[email protected]

Hayley Buckley
Partner, Corporate
[email protected]