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  • Snowball: Building business momentum exponentially

    Snowball Effect Co-Founder & CEO, Simeon Burnett chats to M2 magazine about the business' growth and our place in the NZ investment marketplace.

    M2 Magazine · 28/02/2019

  • Rub of the Green: Six Kiwi cannabis firms to watch

    Like the opportunist panners who rushed to gold-rich regions decades before, cannabis pioneers are also looking to strike it lucky. The rivers may run green this time, but many pans will end up empty, even if New Zealand's legal cannabis industry takes off.

    NZ Herald · 01/02/2019

  • A day in the life of an online investment CEO

    Snowball Effect CEO Simeon Burnett sheds some light on his experiences in the finance industry at both Fonterra and Snowball Effect.

    Yudu · 29/01/2019

  • How to lick brand loyalty

    Owning shares in a company is becoming the ultimate customer loyalty program. Both small and large companies are finding that selling shares to their customers can make a real difference to long-term customer loyalty.

    Newsroom · 10/01/2019

  • New Zealand’s Snowball Effect on the growth of crowdfunding

    While retail investors across Australia were only invited to the equity crowdfunding party earlier this year, New Zealand saw its first equity crowdfunding campaigns launch to so-called ‘mum and dad’ investors in 2014.

    Startup Daily · 18/12/2018

  • Podcast: Sharing in the success of Kiwi startups

    Democratization of investing – this trend isn’t going away, and there’s a few business in NZ at the pointy head of this movement – Snowball Effect is one of them. Join Darcy Ungaro and Simeon Burnett as they talk about private equity, venture capital, angel funding and equity crowdfunding. There’s innovation happening in this space which will be great for investors and new ventures with our #8 way of thinking.

    Everyday Investor · 02/12/2018

  • Movers and shakers

    Piers Finch has been appointed as director of growth capital at capital raising platform Snowball Effect

    CIO · 27/11/2018

  • How To Build A Trillion Dollar Company

    Apple and Amazon have recently become the first publicly listed US companies worth over a trillion dollars. Accordingly, it’s appropriate to reflect on some of the lessons that New Zealand companies can learn from the largest and fastest growing companies in the world.

    M2 Magazine · 01/11/2018

  • Business brokerage LINK raising capital for acquisitions

    Business brokerage Link is raising funds to fuel its expansion, and says it’s already planning an exit event for investors. Auckland-based Link aims to raise $3.25 million through a wholesale offer on Snowball Effect. The company plans to use the money for operational costs and to fund the acquisition of a major Australian brokerage, a deal due to be completed in September.

    NBR · 17/08/2018

  • ArchiPro completes successful $2 million capital raise

    The private raise, via online investment marketplace Snowball Effect, saw ArchiPro welcoming 16 new investors - including Sir Stephen Tindall’s investment company, K1W1 and successful businessman Roger Lampen and son Fraser.

    Scoop Business · 16/08/2018

  • Comment: How to spend a billion dollars

    As these sums become bigger and venture capital investment continues to grow to record highs, it poses the question: what do companies do with these huge sums of money?

    NZ Herald · 13/08/2018

  • A beginner's guide to direct investing

    Making direct investing decisions on your own can be tough, but it does give you the chance to potentially get satisfying rewards. Simeon Burnett shares the ins and outs of direct investing.

    Juno · 05/06/2018

  • Snowball Effect to launch secondary market

    Equity crowdfunder Snowball Effect is looking at launching a secondary market, potentially filling a hole left by the demise of the NZX’s two small-cap exchanges.

    Newsroom · 09/05/2018

  • Snowball Effect appoints two new team members

    With the ongoing expansion of leading equity investment marketplace Snowball Effect, including the placement of private capital and advisory support, the business welcomes two new hires, Toby Kelly and Andrew Morris.

    NBR · 16/04/2018

  • A Day in the Life: Snowball Effect's Simeon Burnett

    Simeon Burnett is the CEO and co-founder of crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect. Here’s how he manages his time.

    Idealog · 10/04/2018

  • Picking trendy investments can backfire

    Simeon Burnett says people like to put their money with companies they understand and are familiar with.

    Stuff · 02/02/2018

  • Tips on protecting yourself when investing in a private company

    Investor protections are an important part of private equity investing. Experienced investors like to see adequate investor protections so they can fully benefit from the companies in their portfolio that do succeed.

    NZ Herald · 25/01/2018

  • Business broker trying to get a slice of $24t wealth transfer

    The Auckland-based company LINK has stopped focusing on growth for growth's sake.

    NBR · 23/01/2018

  • Financial nous of equity crowdfunding investors under scrutiny

    Eight equity crowdfunding companies have been licensed in New Zealand, with five of them active. The two busiest are PledgeMe and Snowball Effect, with the latter usually showcasing larger and older companies.

    Stuff · 03/12/2017

  • Snowball Effect records first profit

    Snowball Effect recorded a full-year profit driven by a modest tax benefit, while revenue rose faster than expenses, narrowing the equity crowdfunding platform's pre-tax loss. Some $25.3 million has been raised on the Snowball Effect platform through 33 offers.

    NZ Herald · 03/08/2017

  • First 3 years of equity crowdfunding in NZ

    Dozens of companies have raised tens of millions of dollars from retail investors in the past three years.

    NBR · 08/06/2017

  • Snowball appoints head of growth capital

    Snowball Effect is proud to introduce Bill O'Boyle as Head of Growth Capital. Bill is responsible for working with companies throughout the capital raising process. He comes to Snowball Effect from a background in corporate finance including experience in banking, finance and capital raising.

    NBR · 23/05/2017

  • Clothes trading post Designer Wardrobe looks for Aussie conquest

    An Auckland-based web business which lets people buy, sell and rent designer clothes is looking to take its successful formula across the Tasman.

    Sunday Star Times · 23/04/2017

  • Zeffer smashes $1.2 million capital target in five day

    The largest independent, dedicated cider producer in New Zealand, Zeffer cider, has achieved its $1.2 million public capital offer less than a week after launching via the Snowball Effect platform.

    Scoop Business · 06/03/2017

  • Snowball Effect appoints public capital head

    Snowball Effect has appointed former Russell McVeagh lawyer and technology marketer Peter Thomson as Head of Digital responsible for investor education and marketing of public offers.

    NBR · 23/02/2017

  • Do we still call it equity crowdfunding?

    New Zealand was one of the first countries in the world to create a legal framework for equity crowdfunding. Two years on, things have evolved significantly. Snowball Effect co-founder Josh Daniell explains how the market has played out, and what’s in store for the next 12 months.

    NZBusiness · 06/10/2016

  • Ubco and Balex Marine turn to Snowball funding platform for next phase of growth

    Ubco, the Bay of Plenty-based electric bike maker, is transitioning to managing its manufacturing with Yadea, China's leading electric scooter manufacturer, as it increases its focus on finalising a road-legal version of its off-road farm bike.

    In addition, having raised $1.8 million in its latest funding round, it will launch an offer on Snowball Effect later this month targeting up to a further $700,000. Ubco will be the second Bay company to go to Snowball Effect for additional funding, with Balex Marine also currently seeking capital on the crowdfunding platform.

    NZ Herals · 04/10/2016

  • Snowball Effects appoints private capital head

    Snowball Effect has recently appointed former Bell Gully lawyer and entrepreneur Cowan Finch as Head of Private Capital to work alongside companies seeking capital from wholesale investors.

    NBR · 30/09/2016

  • Investors sought for global expansion of remote-controlled boat launch device

    The developers of a device that allows boaties to launch their boats from a trailer via remote control – and put them back again - are seeking investment from the public.

    Balex Marine manufactures the Automatic Boat Loader, a hydraulic system that moves boats on and off trailers, powered by what looks like a car alarm remote.

    It is opening a capital raise to the public on Monday on the equity crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect, to complete its current $900,000 funding round.

    Stuff · 26/09/2016

  • Snowball Effect helps smaller growth companies expand

    More small and medium sized companies are using crowdfunding services like Snowball Effect to raise money.

    One of the latest is mail service provider and documents manager G3 which wants money to expand and acquire complementary companies.

    Its has raised more than $200,000 after one week with nearly a month to go.

    Stuff · 20/09/2016

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