Private offers

We're on a mission to simplify investment into high growth Kiwi companies

Private Opportunities: As part of our expanding service to companies and investors, Snowball Effect has been mandated to facilitate private investment for a number of companies. We do this by connecting these companies with suitable investors within our network. These companies may be seeking expertise as well as private capital, or they may just be after additional capital to complete an existing round.

Our aim is to bring you concise summaries of the opportunities, so you can quickly assess if they match your interests. Some of these companies are happy to have an overview of their business presented publicly. In order to protect company and commercial confidentiality, we are providing a short briefing on each of those businesses.

If you are interested in further information on any of the opportunities, please email [email protected] or call on 027-489-8947 to speak to him personally.

Food & Beverage Opportunity

Funding stage

Early stage, F17 revenue forecast of $390k, with a revenue projection for the upcoming financial year (starting April 2017) of $1.7m.

Raise Size & Funding Type

Raising between $120k and $300k to fund domestic growth and pursue new sales opportunities in the US (in particular, with 3 major parties currently engaged in discussions).

The pre-money valuation for this round is $1.42m.

Market Focus

New Zealand, Asia and US.

Company Base


Investor Involvement

Board seat or advisory group seat available for suitable investors with relevant experience.


Producing what it calls “the first super-premium coconut water”, this company sells its high-end product into 5 countries, including NZ. It sources the youngest and sweetest coconuts from the coconut groves of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and has developed a leading brand that represents the unique flavour. The premium brand has led to the product being stocked in luxury hotels and resorts, tier one cafes and leading supermarkets.

Coconut water is one of the fastest growing segments of the ‘functional drinks’ category and this growth is expected to continue worldwide. The company is raising money to continue its domestic retail sales in preparation for international sales expansion.

Next steps

For interested investors an Investment Overview has been prepared, followed by an opportunity to meet with the CEO. The company is aiming to close this round by May 2017. Minimum investment is $10k.

If you are interested to find out more about this opportunity, please email [email protected] or call on 027-489-8947 to speak to him personally.