Private offers

We're on a mission to simplify investment into high growth Kiwi companies

As part of our expanding service to companies and investors, Snowball Effect has been mandated to facilitate private investment for a number of companies. We do this by connecting these companies with suitable investors within our network. These companies may be seeking expertise as well as private capital, or they may just be after additional capital to complete an existing round.

Our aim is to bring you concise summaries of the opportunities, so you can quickly assess if they match your interests. Some of these companies are happy to have an overview of their business presented publicly. In order to protect company and commercial confidentiality, we are providing a short briefing on each of those businesses.

Sample of private offers

Private offers opening soon and currently available include:

  • Home automation business raising up to $500,000.
  • Property management software company raising up to $1,500,000.
  • Financial services business raising up to $500,000.
  • Sports hydration business raising up to $1,000,000.
  • Real estate auction software company raising up to $1,500,000.

If you are interested in further information on any of the opportunities, please email or call on 027-489-8947 to speak to him personally.

Private summary profiles

The following companies have provided a summary of their private offering for potential investors. Full information about these offers is available on request to appropriately qualified investors. To receive more information about these offers, please complete your investor profile and then contact the Snowball Effect team to request access to the offer.

Pictor - Biotechnology

Funding Stage
F18 revenue forecast of $430k, FY21 of $22.4m

Raise Size & Funding Type
Equity raise of up to $1m. $220k has already been committed from existing investors Cure Kids and K1W1.

Market Focus
Initial focus has been within India and Indonesia.

Company Base


Investor Involvement
Pictor has an experienced board including Jim McLean (Aroa Biosurgery, RJ Hill Laboratories), and CEO Howard Moore (BioPacific Ventures). A significant investor with a relevant background may be considered for a board position.

Pictor has developed PictArrays, a diagnostic platform enabling multiple diagnostic tests to be simultaneously performed from a small amount of blood. It is fast and cost-effective: a nano-scale, simple-to-use and near-to-patient testing kit and reader that can deliver reliable results in just 90 minutes. According to the WHO, there is a rising number of people suffering from infectious diseases globally. To address this, there is a need for accessible diagnostics to rapidly identify infections to treat patients and prevent their geographic spread. The automated instruments and expensive tests sold by global diagnostic leaders are beyond the reach of the stand-alone labs who do not have the volume of samples to get a return on their high set-up costs.

Initial market efforts are focused on India where annual industry revenues from immunodiagnostic sales exceed USD 840m. The market is growing at a rate of over 20% due to a rising middle-class population.

Over 300 labs have tested 120,000 samples for maternal infections using PictArray ToRCH tests which were introduced through a local distributor. Subsequently, Pictor established a subsidiary in Mumbai to expand sales which were initiated in April 2017. In addition, Pictor is working with a major Indonesian healthcare company to commercialise products in Southeast Asia.

Next steps
For interested investors an Information Memorandum has been prepared, followed by an opportunity to meet with the CEO. The company is aiming to close this round by the end of August 2017. Minimum investment $10k. This offer is open to wholesale investors only.

If you would like to request the IM or discuss the opportunity, please email or call him on 021-256-7507.

Successful private offers

Below is a selection of the successfully completed private offers that have been facilitated by Snowball Effect with wholesale investors. To date we have facilitated over $6.2 million in private investment:

  • Venture capital fund raised $440,000 in January 2015 from 8 investors.
  • Cleantech company raised $770,000 in December 2015 from 22 investors.
  • Drone technology company raised $100,000 in November 2016 from 7 investors.
  • Retail technology company raised $180,000 in January 2017 from 8 investors.
  • Food and beverage exporter raised $175,000 in April 2017.
  • Offshore farming operation raised $250,000 in May 2017.
  • Food and beverage raised $330,000 in June 2017.
  • Professional services business raised $3,200,000 in August 2017.

The offers on this page are only open investors that meet certain criteria. Not all of the private opportunities are displayed on this page. To ensure that you get access to the full range of opportunities, please verify your investor status on Snowball Effect.

If you are interested in further information on any of the private opportunities, please email or call him on 027-489-8947.