Private offers

We're on a mission to simplify investment into high growth Kiwi companies

The offers on this page are only open to investors that meet certain criteria. Not all of the private opportunities are displayed on this page. To ensure that you get access to the full range of opportunities, please confirm that you are a wholesale investor on Snowball Effect.

Live private offers

As part of our expanding service to companies and investors, Snowball Effect has been mandated to facilitate private investment for a number of companies. These companies may be seeking expertise as well as private capital, or they may just be after additional capital to complete an existing round.

Private Placement

Premium Spirits Brand

$800,000 Available

NZ's fastest growing independent spirits company with distribution in 800 stores and 450 on-premise locations. Growing at 40% p.a. in NZ and exporting to Australia, UK, Europe and soon to launch in the US.

Minimum investment: $25,000

Upcoming private offers

These companies will be launching a live offer shortly. You can register below to ensure you are notified when the offer goes live. For some of these offers you will need to contact the Snowball Effect team to receive access.

Private Offer


$10,000 Minimum investment

ArchiPro is an online platform for the architecture, interiors and construction industry. The company has been bootstrapped to profitability and is now raising its first round of growth capital

Minimum investment: $10,000

Successful private offers

Below is a selection of the successfully completed private offers that have been facilitated by Snowball Effect with wholesale investors. To date we have facilitated over $7.4 million in private investment:


Reefton Distilling Co.

$1,370,000 NZD

Premium spirits producer raised $1,370,000 in February 2018.



$295,000 NZD

Fintech company raised $295,000 in February 2018.



$156,000 NZD

Biotechnology company raised $156,000 in November 2017.


Hospitality Software

$80,000 NZD

Administrative management software company raised $80,000 in July 2017.


Professional services

$3,200,000 NZD

Professional services firm raised $3,200,000 in August 2017.


Food and beverage

$356,000 NZD

Beverage exporter raised $356,000 in June 2017.



$250,000 NZD

Offshore farming operation raised $250,000 in May 2017.


Retail tech

$178,000 NZD

Retail technology company raised $178,000 in January 2017 from 8 investors


Food and beverage

$175,000 NZD

New Zealand meat exporter raised $175,000 in April 2017 from 5 investors.


Venture capital

$440,000 NZD

Hardware focused venture capital fund raised $440,000 in January 2015 from 8 investors.


Clean tech

$770,000 NZD

Clean tech company raised $770,000 in December 2015 from 22 investors.


Drone tech

$100,000 NZD

Drone technology company raised $100,000 in November 2016 from 7 investors.

If you are interested in further information on any of the private opportunities, please email [email protected] or call him on 027-489-8947.