Snowball Effect fees

Our simple fee structure

Simple fees, no hidden costs

Snowball Effect charges an initial fee of $5,000, and a success fee of 7.5% of funds raised (with a minimum success fee of $25,000). For raises of greater than $2m, a tiered success fee may be applicable. The success fee is only payable if your company reaches its funding target. Snowball Effect also provides services relating to the drafting and design of an Investment Summary and Information Memorandum. Fees for these services are charged separately.

  • If you reach your Funding Target,

the money is released to your company less the success fee to Snowball Effect.
  • If you do not reach your Funding Target,

    all funds are returned to investors and Snowball Effect does not receive a success fee – Snowball Effect’s success is aligned with your success.

Unlike some other marketplaces, we don't charge bank fees, background check fees, and anti-money laundering check fees.

Our payment process for investors is paperless direct debit, which is free of charge for the company. Some other marketplaces take payment by credit card - this fee is passed on, adding another 2.7% to the base fee charged to the company.

In addition to Snowball Effect’s fees, it’s important to remember the costs associated with development of your offer, such as producing a video and design work. These costs will depend on the extent you require these services.

We look forward to exploring the options to help you to raise funds and grow your business. Please contact our team to learn more.

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