You Can Now Legally Ride Your UBCO 2×2 Utility Electric Bike On Streets

The New Zealand e-bike company UBCO, which makes “utility electric vehicles” (UEV), finally has a road-legal 2×2 utility e-bike. Previously only licensed for off-road use, the 2×2 utility e-bike is ready to roll. Of course, check to see if your state and city allow for e-bikes on roads and/or sidewalks.

Back to the new UBCO 2×2 utility e-bike, the e-bike is hailed as a dual-environment vehicle. This means it’s good for on-road use and off-road use. The company upgraded the e-bike with brake lights, indicators, reflectors, a speedometer, an odometer, and a LED headlight with a high and low beam for street use. It now also includes a motor cut-off switch, a steering lock system, and a Bluetooth app.

Is the UBCO 2×2 utility e-bike blurring the lines between an e-bike and an electric scooter? It definitely looks like it fits neatly in between both worlds. It is aimed at a utilitarian market and looks mighty comfortable off-road as well as on. The company offers custom bags and cargo decks, with an option to fit onto its sturdy frame anything you can fit.

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