A New Tool to Condition Hair: Product Review


It may look an awful lot like a hair straightener, but don’t be fooled. In fact, rather than continuing to damage your hair, Inverse is a device that uses subzero temperatures to hydrate, condition and restore your hair’s health.

The inventor of Inverse, David Roe, set out to scientifically prove the effects of subzero temperatures on human hair. Turns out, it made hair smoother and softer, resulting in greater shine and more vibrant colour. It also made it stronger and more defined, removing frizz and flyaway hairs. It also showed to help reverse heat and chemical damage. That’s how the idea for Inverse was born.

According to Roe, the more Inverse is used, the more users report they need fewer hair products. Little by little, I started to see an improvement in my hair condition. Having used Inverse for about a month now, I definitely see a change for the better. It’s certainly softer and shinier and the frizz has gone down a fair bit without having to use any special products. Is it perfect? No. Will I keep using Inverse? Definitely.

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