Drone body Unmanned Aerial Vehicle New Zealand takes off


Improving safety will be one of the main goals of a new body joined by Raglan drone manufacturer Aeronavics.

Aeronavics co-director Linda Bulk was recently elected to the newly established Unmanned Aerial Vehicle New Zealand (UAVNZ) executive committee, having worked with other industry leaders to get it established.

“Usage has grown exponentially and the sector has grown very fast,” Bulk said. “It’s still very new and New Zealand has got this big ambition to be one of the prominent players with this new technology.”

Aviation New Zealand had formed the executive committee as a result.

“It was noted that it would be good to have an industry association or body, a group that was addressing all sorts of things,” Bulk said.

One of the key roles would include making more people aware of the regulations governing the flight of drones, both commercial and recreational.

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