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Natural Paint Co was created to provide a safe, non-toxic alternative to harmful chemical-based paints. It is a NZ based business that formulates, manufactures, markets and sells natural plant-based architectural and decorative paints.
Min target: $1,200,000 (21.82% equity)
Ended 2021-05-19 10:54:02
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$1,400,000 Funded
$1,200,000 Min. target (21.82% equity)
Offer closed 11:59 pm, 23 May 2021

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Investment Highlights

  • Pioneering architectural coatings business.
    With a brand that aligns to growing consumer preferences towards healthy, natural products and a unique distribution model, Natural Paint Co is disrupting the traditional paint industry.
  • Clear mission and strategy.
    Purpose-driven and supported by global trends, with a strategy in place to deliver revenue of $7.2m in FY23.
  • A fast-moving innovator.
    Natural Paint Co has quickly established itself as a highly relevant challenger brand by applying a best-in-class digital marketing and e-commerce model.
  • Profitable and growing quickly.
    Forecast to lift EBITDA from $23k in FY21 to $1.8m in FY23, and capture 1% of the domestic market.
  • Outstanding customer feedback.
    With a growing social media following, the company has over 100 5-star reviews and a Net Promoter Score of 71.
  • Strong management team.
    Supported by a highly engaged set of advisors, the management team have significant industry knowledge and diverse skill-sets.


Natural Paint Co is a kiwi owned and operated manufacturer of sustainable paints and wood oils. The company was created with an uncompromising promise; to make the world’s best paint that is healthier for people and the environment.

Natural Paint Co delivers on this promise by producing high quality finishes that are crafted from natural, renewable materials and release no nasty chemicals.

Consumer expectations increasingly favour natural products that are sustainably produced and free from synthetic chemicals. This is driven by an increased awareness of the adverse health and environmental impacts of exposure to a wide range of chemicals and toxins.

Natural Paint Co was established to address this growing global trend by providing a healthier, non-toxic alternative to harmful chemical-based paints. Founders James Mount and Grace Glass worked with leading chemists to create natural, plant-based paints and oils that are free from toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and are kind to both the health of people and the planet. The paints are suitable for use in residential and commercial settings and exceed industry standards for coverage, quality and durability. The team at Natural Paint Co stand behind their products, providing an industry-leading 25 year guarantee to customers.

Founded in 2015, Natural Paint Co has grown steadily, achieving approximately 50% year on year growth with little marketing to date, and now generates annual revenue of $708k (FY21). This growth is a result of the company’s uncompromising focus on quality, first mover advantage, and clever brand positioning.

The company is now raising $1.2m to fund the expansion of their sales and marketing activities in order to drive growth in both direct-to-consumer and commercial trade sales, and to improve operational efficiencies.

The global market for commercial and residential paints is expected to reach US$99b by 2027, growing at 4.8% CAGR from 202011. Driven by global trends in ethical and environmentally-friendly consumption, and the growing awareness of health and wellbeing, the green coatings segment is growing faster than the market at 6.5% CAGR2.

The total value of the New Zealand paint market is around $720m, having experienced substantial growth in the five years leading up to 20203. Given the size and forecast growth of the combined construction and residential renovation market, the size of the paint market in NZ is expected to expand by 4% between 2023 and 20254. The continued growth of the green coatings segment within this market is supported by trends suggesting that sustainability is a mainstream concern for 87% of New Zealanders5 and more than one in three consumers will pay a premium for sustainable products6.

Natural Paint Co’s growth strategy involves expanding its share of the NZ paint market with a particular focus on cementing the companies leadership in online, direct-to-consumer sales, while also increasing their trade sales volumes. The company plans to expand its warehousing and logistics capacity to support future growth and efficiency, and will also commence a pilot entry into the Australian market. The implementation of this strategy is forecast to grow revenue by a 219% CAGR to over $7.2m by the end of FY23.

The company expects to complete a second capital raise in 18 months to help drive further growth in New Zealand and abroad.

Company Values

Natural Paint Co is defined and led by these shared values:

  • Performance without compromise
    Deliver the best product with industry leading quality.
  • Utilise & protect nature
    Prioritise natural ingredients and protect nature in all our business practices.
  • Healthy equals happy
    Cause no unnecessary harm to humans, animals or the planet.
  • Inspire change
    Redefine the paint industry through constant innovation that is better for people and the planet.

The Team

Photo of James Mount

James Mount Founder and co-CEO

James is a founder and co-CEO of Natural Paint Co. James leads the business day-to-day alongside Grace and holds particular responsibility for the commercial and technical aspects of Natural Paint Co’s operations. James has been involved in the paint industry for more than ten years and seeing the harmful effects of traditional paints first-hand prompted his decision to found Natural Paint Co in 2015. With a strong belief that a high quality paint could be created that was sustainable and free of harmful chemicals, James set out to find the perfect formulation. Five years on, James remains the driving force behind all aspects of the Natural Paint Co’s product offering.
Photo of Grace Glass

Grace Glass Founder and co-CEO

Grace trained and practiced as a nurse before co-founding Natural Paint Co. With a deep passion for health and wellbeing, Grace is a driving force behind the company's goal of creating safer environments for people to live in. She has responsibility for Natural Paint Co’s brand voice and digital marketing while also overseeing the online sales and customer service functions. Natural Paint Co’s strong design ethic and brand presence has come as a result of Grace’s creative direction over the last five years.
Photo of Klaus Sulz

Klaus Sulz Commercial Manager

Klaus joined Natural Paint Co in 2020 to lead all trade sales across New Zealand. He has an extensive business development background and a proven track record of delivering growth in B2B sales. As a key member of the Natural Paint Co team, Klaus is responsible for implementing the company’s strategy to materially grow the trade sales channel.
Photo of Kyle Glass

Kyle Glass Warehouse Manager and Paint Tinter

Kyle manages our warehouse operations and is responsible for fulfilling and dispatching customer orders. He’s an expert paint tinter and colour matcher, and has been instrumental in maintaining our 98% DIFOTIS standard (delivery in full, on time, in spec) as well as implementing a stock management system that has supported our growth to date.
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Manufacturing Partner

Our contract manufacturer has been part of the Natural Paint Co journey since day one, supporting James and Grace to create the company’s product range. This partner has been instrumental in ensuring Natural Paint Co products meet the highest levels of quality and performance and remains an integral part of the company. The manufacturer and a team of chemists take an active role in product development, are responsible for sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and provide technical guidance.

External Advisors

Photo of Rowen Yeoman

Rowen Yeoman External Advisor

Rowan is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor, having worked with numerous ventures in New Zealand and abroad. Rowan’s deep understanding of both start-up scaling and impact-focused business models is a valuable asset to Natural Paint Co’s ongoing growth.
Photo of Shayne Moore

Shayne Moore External Advisor

Shayne is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mint Design, a Christchurch- based digital marketing agency. Shayne and his team have a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape and have been instrumental in helping Natural Paint Co establish a strong brand presence and loyal following. He supports the tactical execution of the company’s digital strategy and offers expert counsel to the Founders.

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Warning statement

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