Renaissance Brewing

Renaissance Brewing aims to raise $600,000 to grow its craft beer business domestically and overseas. This is your chance to invest in a pioneer of New Zealand craft brewing.

Minimum investment: $500 NZD

Min target: $600,000 (10.71% equity) Max target: $700,000 (12.28% equity)
Ended 2014-08-23 14:17:00
300 Number of investments
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$700,000 Funded
300 No. of investments
$600,000 Min. target (10.71% equity)
$700,000 Max. target (12.28% equity)
Offer closed 9:00 pm, 12 Sep 2014


Renaissance draws from a wide group of individuals, with diverse backgrounds and skills, to turn outstanding raw materials into world leading beverages.

The beers are based on English and American style ales, with a focus on Kiwi ingredients. At the forefront is a focus on achieving balance of flavour.

The beers we produce are wide ranging and varied. We believe there is something for everyone in our range, from big hoppy Pale Ales, malty Dark Ales and crisp refreshing European styles.

Renaissance is currently holder of Champion New Zealand Brewery from the NZ Beer Awards and recently won the Champion International Small Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards for the second year running.

Meet the team

Founded in 2005 by brothers-in-law Andy Deuchars and Brian Thiel, Renaissance has been grown from a passion to produce craft beers with New Zealand’s best locally sourced hops.

Several of those now involved in Renaissance have had significant parts to play in the successes of the Marlborough wine industry. This is a great adjunct to the brewing skills and experience Renaissance’s management has in being a leader of the New Zealand Craft Beer revolution.

The board comprises two non-executive directors in Gareth Lyne (Chairman) and David

Pearce. Both are respected and experienced food and beverage industry professionals.

The remainder of the board is made up of Andy Deuchars (Head Brewer) and Brian Thiel (CEO). Roger Kerrison (Development Manager) acts as an alternate.

The directors of Renaissance brewing and its executive shareholders intend to perform their current roles for the duration of the 3 year strategic plan.

Renaissance is holding the following investor sessions where you can meet their team, and also ask the Snowball Effect team any questions about equity crowdfunding.

  • Blenheim: Thursday 14 August at 5.45pm at ANZ Blenheim, 40-42 Market Street
  • Wellington: Saturday 16 August at 10.30am at D4, 143 Featherston Street
  • Auckland: Saturday 16 August at 4.30pm at Brothers Beer, 90 Wellesley Street

Photo of Andy Deuchars

Andy Deuchars Head Brewer

Andy is a co-founder of Renaissance Brewing and is responsible for the beers' style and design. Having worked and trained as a brewer in California, Andy relocated to Marlborough to be a winemaker. An over-riding passion to try and get the New Zealand beer drinking public out of the dark ages and enlightened towards craft ales ultimately proved too much and in 2005 he swapped the grape for the grain and set about creating a range of beers that would enlighten palates.
Photo of Brian Thiel

Brian Thiel CEO

Brian is a co-founder of Renaissance Brewing and is the CEO of the company. Brian makes Andy's vision reality by ensuring the brewery is able to produce beers of the utmost quality. He is responsible for the smooth running of the business and the day to day activities that go into brewing, packaging and selling our award winning beers. When spreadsheets and emails get too much, he can often be found in the workshop fixing pesky pieces of equipment.
Photo of Roger Kerrison

Roger Kerrison Development Director

Roger, was born in the UK and grew up a stones throw from the famous hop growing regions of West Kent. Roger has been in Marlborough for nearly 10 years and has worked in both the wine and craft beer industry for much of that time in a myriad of roles. Roger is responsible for a number of tasks at Renaissance, but his main focus is establishing and growing export channels for the beers and getting the crowdfunding project in place.
Photo of David Pearce

David Pearce Strategic Director

David has worked in the wine industry for the last thirty seven years as a Chief Winemaker and General Manager. He has a degree in Food Technology from Massey University where he was also awarded Top Brewer in 1982. His interests include adding value to NZ’s primary produce and sustainability, as well as trying to convince the region's trout to bite his hook.
Photo of Richie Green

Richie Green Operations Manager

Richie is the newest member of the team and has been employed to manage the smooth operation of our Marlborough brewery. Like Andy, Richie is also a trained winemaker and has a strong passion for supply chain and LEAN management.
Photo of Gareth Lyne

Gareth Lyne Chairman

An engineer by trade, Gareth transferred his skills into project management and lately senior management as a General Manager working for one of NZ’s largest wine companies. He brings experience in the wine, brewing, and construction industries as well as change management skills to his role as Chairman of Renaissance Brewing.

Warning statement

It's crucial for you to understand the characteristics and risks of this investment opportunity. New Zealand law normally requires people who offer financial products to provide in-depth information to investors before they invest. The usual rules do not apply to offers by companies through Snowball Effect. As a result, you may not be given all the information you need to make an informed decision. Investing is risky. Some of the key risks include loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of returns, dilution, loss of key people and customers, and lack of control. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.