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Natural Paint Co was created to provide a safe, non-toxic alternative to harmful chemical-based paints. It is a NZ based business that formulates, manufactures, markets and sells natural plant-based architectural and decorative paints.

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Natural Paint Co was created to provide a safe, non-toxic alternative to harmful chemical-based paints. Founders James Mount and Grace Glass worked with leading chemists to create natural, plant-based paints and oils that are free from harmful chemicals and are kind to both the health of people and the planet, without compromising quality.

Founded in 2015, Natural Paint Co has grown steadily to now generate annual revenue of $760k as a result of a their high quality product, first mover advantage, and clever brand positioning. The company is now raising $1.2m to fund the expansion of their sales and marketing activities in order to drive growth in both direct-to-consumer and trade sales, and to improve operational efficiencies.

The company’s growth strategy involves expanding their share of the NZ paint market with a particular focus on trade sales, while cementing their leadership in online, direct-to-consumer sales. They plan to expand their production and distribution capacity to support future growth, while also piloting an entry into the Australian market. The implementation of this strategy is forecast to grow revenue by 152% CAGR to over $4.8m by the end of FY23.

Natural Paint Co’s mission is to build a resilient and sustainable business that challenges the industry and makes a measurable positive impact on people and the natural environment.

Investment Highlights

  • Natural Paint Co have first mover advantage in a market with real barriers to entry
  • They have developed unique and superior products with patent protected formulations
  • The brand is well established and relevant to a growing demographic of consumers
  • They are operating in a growing market supported by global macro trends
  • Their customers are loyal and passionate, proudly spreading the word
  • FY21 revenue of $760k (forecast), growing to $4.8m by FY23 (152% CAGR) 

The Problem

With their roots in the petrochemical industry, traditional paints contain a large number of ingredients that are harmful to human health and the natural environment during manufacture, application and disposal.

Coating indoor environments in chemical-based paints is creating a silent problem, releasing toxins for up to 10 years and creating indoor air quality that is 2-5 times more toxic than outside. Human health impacts include shortness of breath, headaches and nausea, as well as long term damage to organs, the nervous system, and reproductivity. There is also growing awareness and concern of the harm that traditional paints have on ecosystems through both air- based and water-based pollutants.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) have been targeted by the industry as a measure of toxicity, with low-VOC products being produced by nearly all leading paint brands. These products address just one of a number of dangerous chemical ingredients used in traditional paints, ignoring more toxic ingredients and failing to address the human or environmental health issues associated with the industry.

The Solution

Natural Paint Co has developed a range of over 100 colours of interior and exterior paint and wood stains that use none of the harmful chemicals contained in traditional paints.

Using only carefully selected natural, plant-based ingredients, Grace and James have been able to create paints that are equivalent in quality to traditional paints and backed by a 25 year guarantee, while causing no adverse impact to human or ecosystem health. Natural Paint Co’s patented formulation results in paints and stains that meet or exceed all industry standards, and the products are increasingly preferred by homeowners, private contractors and commercial designers/architects.

I love your paint - what a fabulous product. Best paint I have ever used. Coverage wow, consistency wow - all round excellent quality and it even smells good too. - Georgia Mugan, just one of many satisfied customers

Competitive Advantage

A small number of large paint brands dominate local and offshore markets. In response to consumer demand, some of these brands have developed low-VOC products, and improved their green credentials. Industry analysis suggests several major paint brands are also exploring ways to create non-toxic paint products but none currently have a natural product available at a commercial scale.

Natural Paint Co holds a clear first mover advantage in NZ, and when combined with its patented formulation for its for high quality products, strong brand relevance and an industry-leading approach to digital marketing, the company is well positioned to secure future growth.

Natural Paint Co plans to remain focused on obtaining a greater share of the NZ market, expanding their brand presence and refining their manufacturing and logistics, before piloting an entry into the AU$1.6b Australian market.

Next Steps

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