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The Hello Cup is an internationally renowned New Zealand menstrual cup company that is expanding its range as it embarks on becoming a global leader in high-quality sustainable period care. In their words, they make bloody brilliant products with ‘no strings attached'.

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The Hello Cup is a globally recognised New Zealand-made menstrual cup brand aiming to become a world-leading, innovative and sustainably focused period care company.

Despite half the world’s population experiencing periods there has been a serious lack of innovation in period care products.

Designed and made in New Zealand, Hello Cups replace tampons and pads. They are comfortable, reusable and recyclable and hypoallergenic.

The Hello Cup was founded in 2017 by journalist Robyn McLean and her best friend, Registered Nurse Mary Bond. They wanted to create a better, more sustainable period care option for their teenage daughters than the uncomfortable and environmentally destructive single-use status quo of tampons and pads.

A single Hello Cup is the equivalent of more than 2000 single-use tampons or pads. The Hello Cup, a B Corp certified company, has already diverted 200 million single-use period products from the world’s landfills and aims to have save one billion by 2025.

Described as “the most comfortable” menstrual cup on the planet with standout (aka ‘bloody brilliant’) marketing and branding, The Hello Cup has rapidly gained an international reputation and loyal customer following.

A values-led, female-owned company, The Hello Cup is passionate about doing business with kindness while also having a positive impact on the planet.

With their ever-growing following and a focus on new products, The Hello Cup is on track to becoming the world's first one-stop shop for sustainable period products.

They’re seeking to raise up to $2m to accelerate global growth plans which includes continued new product development, increased marketing and branding, and hiring key people.

Investment Highlights

  • On track to become a world-leader in innovative and sustainably-focused period care products.
  • First period product to win the Best Design Award 2020 in New Zealand.
  • Very well positioned to disrupt the growing $40B USD period product market.
  • Strong growth to date achieving $1m revenue in FY21 and diverting more than 200 million single use products from landfill.
  • B Corp Certified, Climate Positive and FDA registered.

Meet The Hello Cup girl bosses

The Problem / Opportunity

A lack of innovation in the period care industry to date had led to adverse outcomes for people with periods and the environment. Single-use menstrual products are uncomfortable, contain harmful chemicals, and can be disruptive to the body's natural PH levels and microbiome. In addition, single use products can be messy and require constant changing given low absorption levels.

Single-use products also have a major negative impact on the environment with more than 45 billion tampons and single-use sanitary pads ending up in landfills globally each year. Tampons and pads contain micro plastics and can take more than 500 years to breakdown. The first tampon ever used is still somewhere on our planet.

The Hello Cup Solution

The Hello Cup is a New Zealand menstrual cup company that has grown to become an international leader in the period care industry renowned for great reviews and stand-out marketing.

  • Hello Cups are made from medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and replace tampons and pads. They’re safe to use and contain no silicone or latex. Being made from TPE means Hello Cups are an ideal option for people who suffer from silicone irritations and cannot use standard silicone menstrual cups.
  • They are reusable for years and hold three times more than tampons, are hypoallergenic and fully recyclable – making them a true zero-waste option. A single Hello Cup is the equivalent of more than 2000 single use tampons or pads.
  • Hello Cups are the only menstrual cup designed by a Registered Nurse – with optimum comfort and functionality in mind. They are designed to be smooth, comfortable and will stand up to vigorous movements such as, swimming and running..
  • Hello Cups unique range of colours makes sustainable period care not only practical but also fun. Put simply: Hello Cup are reinventing the period game.
Hello Cup is my first ever menstrual cup and probably the last! I just love everything about it. I’ve been researching about menstrual cups for a good solid 3 years and I’m so glad I found Hello Cup (through reviews online). It’s probably the prettiest cup out there, so comfortable and it’s not only good down there, it’s also kind out there (environment)… I sometimes forget I have period when I use the cup that’s how comfortable it is! Can’t believe I waited 3 years to ditch the pads! The Hello Cup team also genuinely cares for their fans. They are all very kind, helpful and answers any question you have the soonest they can. The best brand, products and Team!

- Yhan, Nov 2020


  • TWO BILLION people in the world have a period.
  • $40B USD spent globally each year on period products - estimated to increase to $51B USD by 2027.
  • Menstrual cups were the fastest growing period product in 2020 with 6% growth (beating out single use products for the first time ever!).
  • Sustainable period market is valued at $900M USD and growing.

Next Steps

The Hello Cup are now seeking to raise up to $2m. If you wish to receive more information about the capital raise for The Hello Cup, please leave your details and an indicative investment amount below. We will be in touch with all interested investors in due course.

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