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Karma Drinks

Karma Drinks produce a range of organic sodas, probiotic kombuchas and switchels. Their drinks are made from real ingredients that give back to growers through the Karma Foundation. They have won global taste, design and ethical awards, and the Foundation is unique and ensures brand authenticity.

The Karma points of difference match consumer demand. Millenials and younger generations are increasingly demanding authenticity from the products and services they buy. Karma Drinks has positioned itself to take advantage of the rapid growth in consumer awareness and demand for the benefits of organic beverages.

Karma Drinks has a proven track record of market entry and expansion in the most demanding markets in the world. The business generated approximately $12m in sales last year.

Karma Drinks have been negatively affected by the impact of Covid on the hospitality industries in NZ and the UK. They have used this time to refine their global expansion plans including new-product development and expansion into new sales channels. Over the course of the next 12-18 months their focus is on continuing to drive strong brand value through key markets in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Pre Covid, Karma Drinks made a number of key leadership hires across their New Zealand and UK markets and believe they are well positioned to execute on a refreshed strategy.

Following an upcoming pre-emptive offer to existing shareholders, wholesale investors are likely to have the opportunity to invest into Karma Drinks. Expressions of interest (min $10k) are now being taken.

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