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Jeuneora is a leader in the NZ beauty and supplement market, creating products that simplify your self-care routine and bring a little joy to your everyday life.


We create products that simplify your self-care routine and bring a little joy to your everyday life.

Jeuneora is a Kiwi-owned, female founded beauty and wellness company. Our New Zealand-made product range includes high-performance beauty and wellness supplements, as well as the newly launched Jeuneora Skincare range. Jeuneora has enjoyed considerable success in the New Zealand market since launching in 2016, and has built a strong, respected, and renowned brand. We intend to grow by focusing on international sales and expanding our product range, opening us up to new audiences and increasing the average order value.

Investment Highlights

  • Profitable revenue growth from $0.7m in FY18 to $7m in FY21, including $1.3m of international sales in FY21.
  • Well known and loved New Zealand brand, with strong market share and social media presence, 100k+ followers across Instagram and Facebook.
  • 69% average customer return rate, achieved with our sophisticated and considered customer journey experience.
  • Strong brand values and commitment to being a transparent and sustainable business. We are well underway to become B-Corp Certified within the next 12 months.
  • 31% of revenue is recurring from subscription based sales.
  • A curated product range currently consisting of 8 skincare and 11 supplement SKUs, with 5 additional skincare products already planned to launch in FY22. We are working on additional formulations in our plant-based supplement and skincare ranges to launch in FY23, including an entire range of skincare "minis".
  • World-class business and warehouse management systems in place to support our international growth. We have invested in these systems and have integrated them with our Shopify-Plus e-commerce stores, enabling us to scale infinitely and distribute directly from our Christchurch-based warehouse.

Our Values


Jeuneora Supplements

We make premium, clean supplements that fit effortlessly into our customer’s daily lives, helping them feel comfortable in their own skin, and bringing a little joy to thier every day. Our innovative formulas are created using sustainable, ethical ingredients and you won’t find a filler, binder or additive in any of our supplements.

Marine Collagen Supplements

Our sustainably sourced Marine Collagen is scientifically researched to provide support for skin appearance, hydration, and elasticity.

Plant-based Supplements

We use a mixture of traditional and new ingredients with cutting-edge extraction techniques to create our clean plant-based supplements.

Jeuneora Skincare

Jeuneora Skincare is a full range of fun, luxurious, multi-tasking formulas that are as bold on the inside as they are on the outside. We’ve designed these products to support your skin’s health and microbiome. They’re gentle enough for all skin types but provide the right level of active ingredients to support skin barrier properties, without interrupting your skin’s integrity, meaning that the microflora of your skin can thrive. Because healthy skin is beautiful skin.


Market Trends

  • The total sales of beauty and personal care products in NZ were NZ$1.47bn in 2019, and are forecast to grow to NZ$1.60bn by 2024, representing a CAGR of 1.7% over the forecast period.
  • Australia’s beauty industry is projected to hit $6.7b (USD) by 2025
  • Global vegan supplements industry generated $6.30 billion in 2019, and is estimated to reach $13.59 billion by 2028, witnessing a CAGR of 6.9% from 2021 to 2028.
  • Collagen market growth to accelerate at +7% CAGR with size worth USD $76.08 billion forecast by 2028.

Consumer E-commerce Trends

  • 2020 was a year of rapid growth for online shopping in New Zealand, with over $5.8 billion spent online - an increase of 25% on the previous year. 71% of this online spend was with local retailers, and 306,000 Kiwis shopped online for the first time ever.
  • Beauty and personal care online share is predicted to surge to 48% in the United States by 2023. As a new generation of consumers grow up, they’re more empowered to purchase “quick-to-market” products found via social media from brands that are growing right alongside them.

Next Steps

Jeuneora are now seeking to raise up to $3m to fund their growth strategy centred on new products and international growth.

If you wish to receive more information about the capital raise for Jeuneora, please leave your details and an indicative investment amount below. We will be in touch with all interested investors in due course.

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