Oxygen Skincare

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Oxygen skincare products contain only natural ingredients found in plants and essential oils, from the highest of quality sources. These will benefit your inner health as well as your outer beauty as the aromas of essential oils are therapeutic and emotionally rebalancing. Every product here at Oxygen Skincare contains the highly beneficial organic hop extract, produced on our very own farm. This botanical extract is particularly helpful for its anti-inflammatory property and in delaying signs of ageing.

Company Highlights

  • Oxygen is a natural New Zealand skincare brand focused on the rapidly expanding problem skin segment.
  • Problem skin is a growing segment in Asia as the middle class expands and demands solutions to common problems. The issue of problem skin is further exacerbated by the increasing amount of air pollution, particularly in China. These consumers are wealthier than ever before and have a desire for reputable international brands. Oxygen’s active ingredient, derived from organic hop plants, is proven to reduce inflammation and other prevalent skin issues resulting from air pollution.
  • Oxygen has agreements and plans in place to grow distribution locally in NZ through pharmacy and department store channels and further expand its export markets in Asia, the US and Europe. It currently sells in seven international markets, China (e-commerce), USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • The global natural skincare market was estimated to be worth $11b in 2016, and in China alone the skincare market is worth $22b. There are favourable market trends towards both premiumisation and consumers searching for more authentic brand stories that meet their sustainable values.
  • To fund this export strategy Oxygen is raising up to $1.5m to drive sales growth through influencer marketing campaigns, fund their supply chain and bring in new operational talent to support the business as it scales.
  • Oxygen has the products developed and plans ready to execute and become the next Kiwi skincare success story, following in the footsteps of Trilogy and Snowberry (both fully acquired in 2018).

Investment Highlights

  • Significant market opportunity within the large problem skin category as a niche natural product (China alone is a $22b skincare market).
  • Strong Kiwi brand with unique premium product set and compelling brand story.
  • Natural NZ skincare solution with scientifically proven benefits of its key bio-active ingredients.
  • Influencer based marketing strategy to engage rapid growth of high margin product lines (~90%).
  • Oxygen generated $390k revenue in FY18 in NZ alone, and is projecting export-led growth to $5.7m by FY21 (growing at a CAGR of 144%). Our product line currently has gross margins ranging from 65% to 89% and at scale can drive an impressive bottom line.