New Zealand manufacturer of natural, sustainable, and affordable personal care products.

Minimum investment: $10,000 NZD

Funded Wholesale
Max target: $1,500,000 (26.49% equity) Equity offered: Ordinary Shares
Ended 2021-11-26 20:00:00
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$1,500,000 Funded Wholesale
$1,500,000 Max. target (26.49% equity)
Offer closed 8:00 pm, 12 Dec 2021


anihana is a New Zealand FMCG business that manufactures natural personal care products. Its mission is to provide consumers with affordable natural personal care products, without leaving a lasting impact on the environment.

anihana was launched by Sophie Cooper in 2018 with a vibrant, fun and playful approach to natural and sustainable beauty products. With a strategy focused on producing high-quality natural products at affordable prices, anihana is strongly positioned to achieve significant growth from the strong global trend towards natural personal care products.

Since raising seed capital at the end of 2020, the company has undergone a major rebrand, moved premises, commissioned additional manufacturing plant and equipment, and entered into distribution agreements with a number of domestic and international retailers and distributors. The new brand and packaging has been well received in the market by retailers.

anihana is raising additional capital of up to $1.5m to support its growth strategy, which is focused on maximising the existing and new distribution opportunities. More than $1.1m has been committed from existing shareholders, with the balance now available to new wholesale investors at a minimum investment amount of $10k.

Highlights (last 6 months)

  • Successfully launched fantastic new anihana brand
  • Secured ranging in a number of domestic retailers, including Farmers (56 stores), Greencross Health (up to 250 stores) and Chemist Warehouse (20 stores)
  • Secured ranging in Target USA, our first export market (250 stores initially)
  • Secured distribution agreements with Health Magic (AU), ProPharma (NZ), CDC Pharmaceuticals (NZ) and Pharmacy Wholesalers Ltd (NZ)
  • Secured ranging in Priceline in Australia (428 stores)
  • Developed a new shower bar product launched in August
  • Moved to new premises and commissioned new plant and equipment, increasing production capacity
  • Finalists for NZ International Business Awards (via NZTE)

Warning statement

It's crucial for you to understand the characteristics and risks of this investment opportunity. New Zealand law normally requires people who offer financial products to provide in-depth information to investors before they invest. The usual rules do not apply to offers by companies through Snowball Effect. As a result, you may not be given all the information you need to make an informed decision. Investing is risky. Some of the key risks include loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of returns, dilution, loss of key people and customers, and lack of control. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.