How to think about PR

We’re going to talk about public relations today. I’m Sharon. I  work at Y Combinator and I work on our continuity team, which is the team  that does growth-stage investing, so Series B, Series C investing, and also trying to create  programs and give advice to founders as they enter into a different phase of their startup.

Right after they’ve built a great product, they have to then go build a  company and make it a really great company, so that’s what we try to help with on the continuity team. Before I was at YC, I was the chief marketing  officer at Green Dot, which is a fintech company, makes prepaid debit cards and checking accounts that don’t let you overdraft, so really targeting an underbanked population. It’s a public  company, and I got there by being acquired. Before that, I was at Loopt, which is a Sam Altman startup.

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