CB Insights critiques 6 VC pitches


Often you read about the methodical breakdown of what companies did and didn’t do wrong when it comes to pitching to VCs, as published by VCs. CB Insights share some of their experiences being on the opposite side of the table, being pitched at via email from VCs.

As we’re scaling up, we’ve gotten more inbound interest from investors. More often than not, the inbound interest comes via email. Occasionally, but much less frequently, we’ll get a call from someone dialing for dollars, but today, for inbound dealflow generation, email seems the favored tool of most VCs and growth equity investors.

Whenever we get an inbound email from an investor, provided they took some time to craft it as most investors do, I’m always appreciative of the outreach because someone took the time to learn a bit about CB Insights and thought we were worth a conversation.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been tracking and collecting these inbound inquiries, and so last week, I dug into them to see if there were any consistent formats/themes that came through and to offer my viewpoint on the efficacy of each from a founder’s perspective.

I identified 6 recurring patterns among these cold inbound pitches and I’ve detailed them below along with my thoughts on each.

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