Benefits of Snowball Effect

Discover and invest in high growth companies

This is your opportunity to invest, support, and share in the success of high growth Kiwi companies.

Deal flow

Investors get exposure to a varied and consistent flow of growth-orientated Kiwi companies looking for funding.


Companies listed on Snowball Effect follow our processes to ensure that they give proper consideration to offer information.


The process of investing through Snowball Effect is simple, online, and secure.

No fees

Investing through Snowball Effect is free of charge.

Investor community

You can find out what other investors find interesting and appealing. Comparing your views against the views of others can be a useful check on your own intuitions.


Investors receive a range of protections through securities law, company law, and often a shareholder agreement. There is no need to negotiate terms yourself.


Investors will have the chance to ask questions and interact with a company during the offer period. Shareholders will continue to receive communications from the company if they invest.

How do I get returns?

Investments in growth companies are generally long term, and you should not invest money if you are likely to need that money in the near or medium term. The timing and nature of your return is typically uncertain.

Returns can be realised in 4 ways:

  • Exit – a company may be acquired by a third party and distribute the proceeds to shareholders.
  • Listing – a company may list on a stock exchange like NZX, providing a market for shareholders to sell their shares.
  • Dividends - a company may choose to distribute profits to shareholders in the form of dividends.
  • Private share sale – selling shares privately is generally lawful, however some companies may not facilitate it. There is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your shares when you want to, or at all.

Investors may also receive non-cash rewards or incentives for investing in a company - these will be specified in each company's offer.

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