Wellington's Investing Master Class #2: Getting to grips with the financials

  • Written by Jackson Rowland
  • Published on

Grant Anderson, the Head of Accounting at Xero, will lead attendees through the following at Wellington's second Investing Master Class:

  • Understanding essential terminology.
  • Interpreting the financials on an offer.
  • Analysing forecast financial information.
  • Identifying risks associated with financials.

This master class will be held from 6-8pm on 7 December at NZX Cafe. To RSVP for this event click down below:

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A bit about Grant

Grant's career as a finance professional has covered a wide range of business sizes and activities. These range from multinationals down to micro-businesses and from unknown start-ups to household names. His industry experience includes software, manufacturing, tourism, primary industry, and sports.

Grant is passionate about providing small businesses and their advisors with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Through his role as Head of Accounting at Xero, Grant is able to combine all of these threads together.

Grant recently graduated from the University of Waikato with an MBA and has returned there as a lecturer in Strategic Corporate Finance to share his experience and skill-set with the next generation of business leaders. Other claims to fame for Grant include holding a US patent for a "big-data" application, appearing onstage as an amateur actor, and being licenced to deal blackjack in New South Wales.