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2016 was a record year for Snowball Effect with increasing investment activity, deal flow and the launch of several new products and services such as private offers for wholesale investors. Because of this growth we are expanding our team in several areas. If you're interested in helping to re-shape and improve the capital markets in New Zealand, get in touch with us.

We're on a mission to simplify investment into high growth Kiwi companies. We want to make the capital markets work much more efficiently for growth companies, so they can focus on selling their products to the world. We want to provide investors with a simple way to gain exposure to interesting investment opportunities - facilitating the flow of national savings into wealth-creating assets.

Our team

We're driven by the significant positive impact we can make by building a thriving marketplace to connect growth companies with the capital they need. Along the way we hope to develop the general financial literacy of the New Zealand public, and bring far more meaning, engagement, and excitement to investing. The entire team at Snowball is motivated by this mission. Our whole team works together across all areas of the business, we also sit in functional teams so that we can focus on the key drivers of our business:

  • Pipeline Team: Our venture sourcing team are responsible for finding the best startups and high-growth companies to raise capital through Snowball Effect. This involves understanding what types of capital can most help a company to grow and connecting with the New Zealand community of startups, investors and advisors.
  • Operations Team: Our operations team are responsible for assessing applications from companies that want to raise capital, managing the screening committee process, drafting information memorandums and preparing offers to launch on the platform or go to private investors.
  • Investment Team: Our investor relations team build personal relationships with our key investors and provide support for our whole investor base. They spend their time getting to know each investor and understanding what sorts of deals suit each investor. This team has an intimate knowledge of the entire private capital landscape in New Zealand from high-net worth early stage investors and venture capital firms through to private equity funds and institutional investors.
  • Product Team: Our design and development team are the creators of the Snowball Effect platform. Our platform brings together companies and investors in a way that is fast, easy and secure. Our development stack is mainly PHP, Laravel and Angular.
  • Marketing Team: Our growth team are responsible for building our reputation and growing the business. We combine paid, owned and earned channels such as digital advertising, content marketing and public relations. This team acts as a champion for our users and is responsible for user experience improvements that will make our products and services faster and easier to use.

What we're hiring for right now

Right now we are actively hiring for roles in the product and venture teams. The rest of the team will also be expanding throughout 2017 so get in touch to start a conversation.

  • Venture Sourcing: This role in the Pipeline Team is responsible for identifying companies that could benefit from raising capital through Snowball Effect and guiding them through the process. A background in corporate finance, venture capital or private equity would be an advantage. As would an interest in building relationships with young and growing businesses, and the wider business community.
  • Developer: This role in our Product Team is responsible for front-end development including user interface design, development and deployment. Our primary stack is PHP, Laravel and Angular but we're also interested in talking to front-end, javascript and user interface designers.

We also consider internships, work experience and graduates who want to work across multiple parts of the business. Let us know your availability and the ideal structure when you reach out.

Our officiial Snowball Effect careers page will have the latest jobs, notices and updates. It also has more background about who we are and how we work. If you want to have an initial chat then get in touch with out CEO Simeon Burnett