Snowball Effect Holiday Gift Guide

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We're constantly inspired by the creativity of the companies that raise capital through Snowball Effect. If you're looking for last minute gift suggestions for Christmas, then the products from these companies could provide a little dose of Kiwi ingenuity.

Heyrex - Pet Wearable

The Heyrex wearable pet tracker helps dog owners and vets understand a dog's behaviour, activity and health. The newly released Torus waterbowl from Heyrex gradually serves filtered water for cats and dogs as well as dispensing supplements and medication.

Roholm - Hair Treatment

The Inverse cold hair-conditioning system uses ice to cool down your hair after hot showers. Cooling your hair helps lock in moisture and improve hair health. The Inverse has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Cleo, and is gaining momentum as a secret weapon for women who want to improve their hair health.

Ubco - Utility Bike

The Ubco 2x2 is a dual drive electric bike and is perfect for hunters, farmers and outdoor explorers. The bikes are currently in use with the Department of Conservation, regional councils, tour operators and farmers around New Zealand.

Invivo - Wine

Invivo wines are available from a range of wine stockists including New World, Farro, Glengarry, Liquor King and most good independent wine stores. Our team are particular fans of the Michelle's Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Red Witch - Guitar Pedals

Red Witch make high-end analogue guitar pedals that are coveted by musicians around the world. Guitarists from Sting and Neil Finn to Billy Corgan and Jemaine Clement have rocked Red Witch Pedals on stage. The Empress Chorus is a classic and gives fine grained control over the guitar sound to create rich vibrato. But for a classic rock sound you might need to go for the dual overdrive Famulus.

World on our plate - Food Delivery

WOOP provides fresh ingredients and exciting international recipes. The weekly deliveries include everything you need to cook fresh food for your family three nights a week. Recent recipes have included Crispy Salmon with Quinoa, Coconut Prawns with Jasmine rice, and Chicken Marbella with Saffron.