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Written by Andrew Morris · Published on Thu, 23 August 2018

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We launched our share registry service in 2017 because companies needed help maintaining their share register and investors told us that they wanted to be able to manage their shareholding details in one place. Keeping a share register is an important legal obligation for a New Zealand company because the share register is the official record of who owns what portion of a company.

As part of our new online share registry service we are working with more and more New Zealand companies who have not raised capital through Snowball Effect but are looking for a fast, easy and online tool to manage a broad shareholder base. There are lots of share registry templates out there for when a company is just getting started but in the course of onboarding several new companies we’ve found that most of the published templates do not keep adequate track of the movements in a company’s shareholding over time and at scale.

New Zealand Company Share Register Template

We’ve created a new template for NZ companies who need to keep proper track of their shareholders before moving to an online share registry such as Snowball Effect. The template can be used as a stand alone share register but it is also formatted for easy importing into our online registry service. The template contains tabs to track your shareholders, transactions, share classes and funding rounds.

An Excel based register is easy to start with but can get messy when there are a lot of shareholders, share classes, and/or share transfers. It can also be a pain to keep track of lots of shareholders who want to change their contact details regularly or request current statements of their holdings. An online share registry service allows shareholders to manage their own contact details and to view their current shareholdings at any time. An online registry can also be synchronised more easily with whatever email platform that you use to manage your shareholder communications.

Share Registry Excel Example

Maintaining a share register can sometimes feel like an annoying compliance burden, but for your shareholders it’s a vital record of their legal ownership in a company. The share registry is most important during critical times such as mergers, acquisitions, or liquidations. Having the register well organised in advance can save major headaches down the line.

Enter your email address below to receive a copy of the share registry template by email. The emails are sent out automatically and contain a link to download the Excel file as well as a live link to an online Google Documents version of the registry that you can clone and use yourself.

If you'd like to talk to us about bringing your share register online into a managed system in the future, you can also contact Andrew Morris from Snowball Effect directly on [email protected]