A different way for young people to think about their career

  • Written by ​Peter Shirtcliffe
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Here's a different way for young people to think about their career -

Start at the top - Be Your Own Boss

Self-employment, and the entrepreneurship on which it is based, is a continuous adventure, providing insurance against unemployment, a creative environment, exhilaration, and freedom.

Of course, the adventure dimension does not match the physical demands of an assault on Everest, or a circumnavigation of the world in a hot-air balloon. But in the business world you are dealing all the time with the unknown, and managing risk. When you develop a successful business the satisfaction levels are huge. Business, ultimately, is about selling, and one of the truest things ever said about selling is that it's the most exciting thing you can do with your clothes on.

We need more young entrepreneurs, so we need to get rid of the bias in the system which favours "getting a job." Working for yourself needs equal attention.

To help the cause, I've commissioned a teenage novel - Out of Sight - which has been enthusiastically reviewed by teenagers and adults. It's a new approach, but storytelling is the oldest form of teaching and inspiration. The author of Out of Sight has written a story which indeed brings out all the realities of working for yourself. It's a gripping read, with a compelling theme.

Let's not forget that the benefits of entrepreneurship go far beyond individual contentment. Society as a whole benefits as new enterprises take off, generating revenue and employment opportunities that pay dividends at all levels of society. The latest bright idea needs to have the same conversational impact as Saturday's sports results.

Check out the website - outofsighthq.com