Launch Date

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Snowball Effect is going live in mid August!

You'll have the chance to invest in the first ever equity crowdfunding offers in New Zealand.

This is the beginning of a new market, and a new era for Kiwi businesses and investors. Welcome to everyone who's joined us so far, and thanks for your early engagement.

Lunch with Legends

Early members of Snowball Effect have another exciting opportunity - the chance to win lunch with 3 Kiwi legends!

If you register over our launch period, you'll enter the draw to wine and dine with these amazing entrepreneurs:

  • Claudia Batten - World Class NZ - Supreme Winner 2014
  • Sean Simpson - Innovator of the Year 2014
  • Tim Williams - internet marketing pioneer

Thanks Claudia, Sean, and Tim!

Help us evolve

Equity crowdfunding is a fast-growing market which is still in its infancy. Various models are being operated successfully in countries which are already underway, and we want to make sure that we evolve in the best way possible for Kiwi businesses and investors.

We welcome your feedback on our launch model, and look forward to consistently evolving to provide maximum value to you.