Investing Master Class #4: Intellectual Property & Investing

  • Written by Snowball Effect
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We're pleased to announce that Paul Davies, Head of Intellectual Property at EveredgeIP will be presenting Auckland's fourth Investing Master Class: Intellectual Property & Investing. This will outline:

  • Why intellectual property is important to early stage businesses?
  • Should an early stage company have an intellectual property strategy?
  • What due diligence can an investor do?

Paul Davies is a global leader on the commercialisation of intellectual property, with significant experience in a number of facets of technology commercialisation. Prior to joining EverEdgeIP, Paul held a number of senior positions with patent attorney and law firms internationally, including Deacons Hong Kong, Baldwins and AJ Parks, before moving into intellectual property.

When he is not working with EverEdgeIP clients, Paul works on the Advisory Boards of a number of start-ups out of Massey University's eCentre.

To RSVP to this session, please click here.