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Introducing Snowball Effect's Investing Master Class series: an engaging series of monthly workshops designed to hone your investing skillset. The series is targeted at knowledge relevant to investing in early stage companies, and will be delivered by subject matter experts in each field.

As well as improving investment skillsets, we see this series as an opportunity to grow the community around early stage investing. These Investing Master Classes will have around 50 people in the same room who are all interested in investing in private growth companies, allowing you to mix with experienced investors as well as the subject matter experts.

Wait - only 50 spaces? Due to the workshop nature of this series, we've decided to restrict the number of spaces to 50 to ensure the Investor Master Classes are valuable. We'll look at ways to cater for increased participation if demand is there.

Investing in private growth companies requires a broad skillset, so we have broken this series down into targeted workshops. We have confirmed the first few topics, and will ask for your input on selecting the remainder. For now, we're pleased to announce the first session will be as follows:

Valuing early stage companies

William Word and Simon Chapman from Deloitte will cover the following ground in this inaugural Investor Master Class:

  • Explanation of the different methodologies used to value early stage companies.
  • Demonstration of applying these methodologies to a company.
  • Audience participation in a valuation process.

A bit about William and Simon

William works with clients to value businesses, intangible assets, and financial assets for the purposes of buying and selling, raising capital, financial reporting and management planning. William came over from Deloitte U.S. two years ago, bringing a broad range of valuation experience. He enjoys getting to know his New Zealand clients and their businesses.

Simon says assisting business owners increase and realise the value of their hard work is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. He works with clients to assess their capital needs and their long-term business ownership options. Often this includes raising capital, introducing new equity investors, or selling a company. Simon has extensive hands on experience in capital raising and business sales and can provide expert advice on business valuation and value-maximising strategies.


UPDATE: This session has now reached capacity so we can no longer accept RSVPs. Due to the overwhelming demand for this event we will look to run this session again in the future.

If you'd like to attend, please RSVP here.

What's up next?

Investing Master Classes will be run on the first Wednesday of each month:

  • 2 September
  • 7 October
  • 4 November

We'll send out invitations to future events in our next email newsletter (you can register to receive our email newsletter here if you don't already).

These events wouldn't be possible without the support of our Investor Master Class partners Spark Ventures and Seafarers. Thanks to their generous support of innovation in New Zealand, we are lucky enough to host the series within Spark Lab in Britomart, Auckland.

Investing Master Classes in other locations

We're planning to roll out Investing Master Classes in other locations if there's enough demand.

If you live outside of Auckland but would like to attend a similar event, please email Jackson Rowland at [email protected] to express your interest and we'll aim to organise a similar event closer to you.