How to market your capital raise

Written by Snowball Effect · Published on Mon, 9 August 2021

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So you’ve launched your capital raise. Now what? Marketing your capital raise and letting your customers and potential investors know about it plays a crucial part in the success of your raise.

But how do you promote a capital raise? Check out the tips below, which we’ve shared with more than 50 companies who have successfully raised capital with Snowball Effect since 2014.

The importance of promoting your raise on social media

Before your capital raise goes live, we recommend companies sit down with their marketing team to plan a social media content calendar of posts and ads about the raise. This could include a teaser post or video that the capital raise is coming, followed by a post providing more details about why your company is raising funds and how customers can invest.

We recommend companies update their social media fans throughout the raise as important milestones are reached. This could be through posts, a video update from the CEO or founder, or a Facebook Live with the opportunity for customers to ask questions about the capital raise.

Once the raise has closed, let your fans know the investment target has been reached. This could include a celebrational video or an infographic showing how many new investors have come on board and how much money was raised.

If key members of your business, such as founders, the CEO, CFO and board members, have a LinkedIn account, encourage them to promote the capital raise with their networks.

Clean up your digital footprint

Before your capital raise launches, we encourage companies to do a spring clean of their online profiles to double-check there’s no old Tweets, status updates, videos or posts that could negatively impact the success of your company’s raise. Delete or archive any old social media posts and videos that you think could cause issues.

The digital spring clean should also extend to key company members who will be fronting the capital raise. Ask them to update their LinkedIn profiles and switch any social media accounts they don’t want public-facing to private.

Just Google it

Something often overlooked by companies who are preparing for a capital raise is their Google profile. If your company doesn’t have a Google business profile set up, now is the time to do so. Include your company’s key contact information such as website, location, phone number and industry details.

Once your Google account is set up, ask past customers to write a Google Review for your business. One of the first places a potential investor will search for information about your company is via Google, so the more positive (and genuine) Google Reviews you have, the better your company will look.

The power of email marketing

One of the first groups that you should promote your capital raise to is existing customers. Not only is this group of people familiar with your business, products and services and brand values, but they’ll also be more likely to consider investing than someone who has never heard of your company.

Before the capital raise goes live, tease the investment opportunity to your email database. For example, if you’re raising capital with Snowball Effect, you can include a link to your offer preview raise page, where your customers can leave their contact details for the Snowball Effect team to follow up with once the raise goes live.

We recommend companies promote their capital raise several times via their email newsletter, as it can take several occasions for a person to see something before they convert and invest. As well as regular email updates throughout the capital raise, share a ‘final call for investors’ a week out from the raise closing.

Update your website

A simple way to let your customers know about your capital raise is by adding a banner to your website homepage. This could include a short sentence letting people know that you are looking for investors and a link to the investment website page.

If your business has a company blog, then consider writing an article that provides more detail on why your company is raising funds, what the money raised will help you achieve, and why investors should financially support your business. This article can then be shared on social media and in your email newsletter.

Flyers, posters and the like

If your business has a physical shop, consider promoting your capital raise via an in-store poster or flyers next to the checkout. Keep information clear and to a minimum by including why your customers should invest and a clear call to action where they can find out more.

Are you interested in learning more about raising capital for your business? Our team are happy to answer any questions and can be contacted at [email protected] or by calling 0800 SNOWBALL.