Communications trends for Snowball companies in 2016

  • Written by Hamish Anderson
  • Published on

Good communication is key to any successful equity crowdfunding campaign, from your offer document to your social media activity, your media plan to your database marketing. And telling a compelling story consistently across multiple channels is at the heart of it.

But with so much change under way in the communications space, much of it driven by new technologies, it can be hard to keep up.

To help you navigate these changes Hotwire has launched our 7th annual Communications Trends Report, and in 2016 the theme of 'relevance' features strongly.

As consumers become ever more cynical about the amount of advertising thrown their way, brands will have to be smarter about the way they communicate with them. Ad blockers are growing in popularity, so it's now time to get creative and engage your audiences properly, rather than just renting space with a boring display ad and hoping they'll come to you.

The communications industry will respond in two main ways.

  1. Virtual Reality is a genuinely exciting new medium which allow campaigns to scratch that 'wish you were here' itch. We've already seen not-for-profits make use of VR by giving would-be donors the experience of living in a water-starved village, and this year expect the travel and tourism industries to lead the way.
  2. Brands will go one step further than VR and create actual physical experiences. We've seen examples of this already - think IBM building shelters to hide you from the rain, which doubled up as an advert for their new smart cities programme. And Samsung turned the backs of their semi-trailers into screens which showed drivers when the road ahead was clear and safe to overtake.

In the fast-growing mobile space, New Zealand creative technology firm Motim - who recently completed a successful offer with Snowball Effect - is leading the charge, helping global brands like Sony and Universal Pictures reach consumers with unique brand experiences that don't feel like advertising.

2016 will also see brands relinquishing control over their content. There will be a growing willingness to hand over distribution to third parties, like LinkedIn Pulse for example, as campaigns live and breathe on the channels where your audience is. And, yes, this means your own website will be just another channel, as opposed to the forced destination for everyone you reach.

Want to learn more? You can download the full report here. Once you've read it, we'd love to hear your thoughts, so give us a shout on Twitter @hotwirenz