Analysis of Snowball Effect Investors

  • Written by Snowball Effect
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Here's a brief analysis of Snowball Effect investors thus far.

Age of investors

As you can see, the highest rate of investment is during the 30s and early 40s. However the amount invested really starts to pick up in the 40s. We're really pleased to see tech-savvy investors in the older age groups too.

Location of investors

This is a heat map showing the location of investors around the world and in New Zealand. It's interesting to note the skew for investment in local businesses (Renaissance Brewing and CarbonScape are both based in Marlborough). It's also great to see investments from expats and the odd foreigner coming through.

Frequency of investments

  • 89% of Snowball Effect investors have invested in 1 offer
  • 9% have invested in two offers
  • 2% have invested in all three offers

Thanks to all the early adopters of equity crowdfunding who have helped to create a brand new market in New Zealand!