Ways to keep your investors engaged following a capital raise

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As a company, it can be all too easy to forget about your investors once your capital raise has closed and the money is deposited in your bank account. That is until your business needs to raise funds again, and then engaging with your current investors becomes a high priority.

However, there are several benefits to an always-on approach when engaging with your investors. These include:

  • Strengthen bonds: Strong investor relationships help build investor advocacy and increase the likelihood that investors will participate in future capital raise rounds.
  • Analyse company performance: Regular communication and reporting for investors encourage the business to review its performance, identify challenges and lessons regularly.
  • Company records: Having a history of investor communication and documents can, in turn, help attract new investors, who will be able to see at a glance your company reports, highlights and financial information.
  • Draw on investor expertise: Nurturing investor relationships provides companies with the opportunity to draw on their investors' knowledge through potential business partnerships, new supplier introductions, or advisory expertise.

Seven ways to keep your investors engaged

There are several ways that your company can engage with investors. We've outlined a few ideas below for you to consider.

  • New investors: Help new investors feel engaged from the outset with an email that welcomes them to your company. As well as including key highlights of the capital raise and your growth roadmap, you could also have a welcome video from your founder or CEO.
  • Existing investors: It's also important to keep long-term investors continually engaged with business growth and changes. Send an email to update them on the recent capital raise, the number of new investors who have joined your community and other essential information.
  • Private Investor Facebook group: A private Facebook group is a great way to keep in touch with your investors and easily share updates via video or text. It's also a way for investors to ask questions about the company and share feedback informally.
  • Video content: Sharing video updates via a private Facebook group or email is a great way to keep investors informed quickly. These updates could range from a preview of new products, behind the scenes or messages from your CEO, CFO and founders.
  • A Monthly or Quarterly report: A monthly report should be kept relatively brief and include key highlights, team changes and news. A quarterly report can consist of more detailed financial information and updates. A report can easily be shared with investors via email or Orchestra (a shareholder management tool, see below).
  • Conference calls: Schedule a once a quarter or twice-yearly call with investors, where they have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Events: In-person or online events are a great way to gather investors together to celebrate the vital part they play in your company's success, share a preview of new products you are launching, meet fellow investors or enjoy a unique discount code for them to use at the event.

How Orchestra can help businesses with investor engagement

Orchestra is an all-in-one management online tool that enables businesses to manage their shareholder communications, share registry and compliance obligations. The tool is a great way for investors to stay informed on company changes and updates via the dashboard.

In the Orchestra dashboard, investors can see how many company shares they have, the share value, what they paid for the shares, when the capital raise was, and communications from the company and documents.

Try Orchestra for free! To request a free demo of Orchestra and see how it can help your business and investors get started here.