Share Register Template

  • Written by Andrew Morris
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Maintaining a share register can sometimes feel like an annoying compliance burden, but for your shareholders, it's a vital record of their legal ownership in a company. 

Keeping a share register is also an important legal obligation for every New Zealand company regardless of its size. A fully compliant share registry is also critical at times such as mergers, acquisitions, or liquidations. Having the register well organised in advance can save major headaches down the line.

To deal with this problem, Snowball Effect originally created an Excel template for NZ companies who need to keep proper track of their shareholders. Excel-based registers are an easy way to start recording your data, but can get messy when there are a lot of shareholders, share classes, and/or share transfers. Problems we've seen first-hand include: 

  • Investors lose transparency over their current shareholding in your company, and frequently request latest statement of holdings documents
  • It can be a pain to keep track of lots of shareholders who want to change their contact details regularly
  • The changes in your share registry also need to be updated on the companies office
  • Transaction Inaccuracies are often included without the automated checks and balances present in a spreadsheet

    For this reason, we have now created, a centralised stakeholder management hub that includes a fully compliant Share Register. Orchestra is fully synchronised with the NZ Companies Office and allows shareholders to manage their own contact details and to view their current shareholdings at any time.

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