Platform Engineer

Snowball Effect is looking for an inquisitive and experienced Senior Platform Engineer to join our development team.

If you’re the right sort of person, you'll have a passion for producing beautiful code that is functional and feature requirements. You are able to interpret vague requirements and have the ability to think beyond the defined problem to come up with a solution, feature, or new product.

We will consider candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds as we are looking for exceptional people who are passionate about what we are doing and want to play an integral part in the success of our business.

About Snowball Effect

Snowball Effect is an online marketplace that aims to simplify investor access to a range of investment opportunities. We do this by facilitating offers of securities through public offers, private offers, and wholesale investor offers. Since launching six years ago, we have raised more than $75m of capital for Kiwi businesses.

Our vision is to make a significant impact on improving the New Zealand capital markets. We see an opportunity to provide investors with easy access to financial products, while also providing tools for them to manage their portfolio and engage directly with the companies and sectors of interest. For companies, we provide a complete capital raising package and access to a wide investor audience, so it’s a quick and efficient way to raise funds. We believe that there is a significant opportunity to provide fresh thinking and new technology to a relatively stagnant industry.

We’re motivated by the significant positive impact we can make by building a thriving marketplace to connect growth companies with the capital, services, tools and people they need to help them expand.

Our values

  • Quality – To help promote great outcomes for investors and companies we always take a long term view – seeking sustainable growth over short term wins. We are not afraid to say ‘No’.

  • Experts – We are the experts in growth company capital raising in New Zealand.

  • Team – We always try to do what is best for the team. We nurture an environment where we can support and encourage each other.

  • Courage – We are a team of pioneers and innovators, prepared to take risks, to work hard and hustle, leading the way in developing a new, more efficient and inspiring capital market in New Zealand.

Snowball Effect offices
Snowball Effect offices
Snowball Effect offices

The Role

Since starting in 2014, Snowball Effect has continued to expand its digital offer to both investor and company sides of the marketplace. We are on the look out for a new Platform Engineer to lead, plan and develop the next series of products as well as integrate and re-engineer some of our existing applications along side the both the business and engineering team to take NZ's leading digital marketplace to the next level.

If you're an individual that has a curious mind that is confident in untangling complex business problems; has strong communications skills (that can comfortably switch from dev to normal-person speak); and takes pride in leaving their little mark on code they ship, then I think you might fit just right in with our team.

We're currently a mix of 60% on new product development, 20% adding additional features and functionality to our existing products, and 20% improving re-developing some of our the legacy parts of the site.

Key Accountabilities and Skillset

You will actively work alongside the Head of Product to plan the roadmap ahead, product and build requirements, and be of course hands-on with the build.

We are currently running on Laravel, React, MySQL, Angular 2 (*shudder* don't worry, we're deprecating this part of the site), AWS, Docker, and GIT. Like with all tech organisations, we are constantly evolving our stack so the list doesn't end here. Although a full-stack developer is nice, we acknowledge perfect full-stackers are hard to come by!

New Opportunities

There will also be the opportunity to play a meaningful role in the development of other Snowball Effect products. These include things such as:

  • Orchestra - a stakeholder management tool allowing companies and investors to manage share registries, company compliance, stakeholder engagement and ESOP schemes.
  • Share trading technology designed specifically for private companies which aims to address issues relating to compliance, liquidity and broker support.
  • New financial products that sit alongside high-risk equity within an investor’s portfolio such as debt, hybrid debt and equity products, and other financial instruments across a range of asset classes.

There will of course be others that emerge in time.

Final Words

This is a critical support position within Snowball Effect and will play a key role in developing an important part of New Zealand’s capital markets.

Snowball Effect benefits from world class directors and advisors. Day to day we’re a small team of 11 with a flat structure. Everyone in the team has a specific role, with each role commanding significant responsibility. As a company we’re focused, with a clear plan of where we’re heading. We expect performance of the highest calibre and we’re confident that our remuneration is representative of the investment we expect from each team member of the team in Snowball Effect’s success.

Applying for this role

If you’re excited by this opportunity, please send your CV to Ben Tan, and include a sentence on one application you think every developer should be using – [email protected]